On Dec. 19, 2013, then-Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton went on national television and made a big announcement: 'We have zero chronically homeless veterans on the street.” It was part of a program called H3, and in the five years since, the overall number of homeless veterans across the Valley has actually increased. In the special report “Homes for the Brave,” KJZZ explores why.
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The Takeaway:
The Camp Fire in Northern California is the deadliest in the state's history. The Takeaway hears from four survivors of the devastating fire: Michael Bridges of Magalia, Margaret Llamas of Paradise, Miriah Williams of Magalia, and Jessica Shelton of Paradise.
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Corporation Commission In Legal Battle Over Dark Money
Attorneys for members of the Arizona Corporation Commission told a judge Tuesday he should block a bid by one of the panel's members to investigate a potential conflict of interest.
AZ Firefighters In California See Similarities To Slide Fire
Sedona firefighters find Woolsey Fire conditions very similar to the Slide Fire in 2014.
Snowmaking Credited For Full Ski Season Beginning Friday
It's been a few weeks since measurable snow fell in the state, but that hasn't stopped ski season from starting in Arizona this coming Friday.
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Average Price Of Thanksgiving In Arizona Dinner Drops
A healthy supply of turkeys is going to make the cost of feeding the family Thanksgiving dinner a bit less expensive this year.

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The two "discussed the upcoming G20 Summit and touched on the issues that will be discussed" when President Trump and Putin attend that meeting, the White House says.
The Pew Research Center analyzed post-millennials who are currently between the ages of 6 and 21 and found nearly half — 48 percent — are from communities of color.
A full genome sequence costs about $1,000. But Nebula Genomics expects that companies and researchers would defray the cost in exchange for key medical information about the person involved.
A genetic analysis of samples taken from a large UK health database suggest that people who are more sensitive than their peers to the bitter taste of caffeine tend to drink more coffee — not less.
At least 56 people have died in the Camp Fire, which has destroyed entire neighborhoods and continues to burn. Meanwhile, Butte County says about 300 people are missing.