When someone dies, the physical items they leave behind can hold a kind of magic for their loved ones – glasses, an old car, worn shoes. But what about something as intangible as a phone number? The story of how one cellphone number bonded three women, each grieving for the husband she lost.
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Researchers Study Alzheimer
Despite composing nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population, Latinos remain underrepresented in American biomedical research. A recent study sought patterns in an Alzheimer’s-related gene among more diverse and representative Latino populations.
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Mexican Food Museum Set To Open In LA In 2019
La Plaza Cocina calls itself the country’s first museum and teaching kitchen dedicated to Mexican cuisine. It’ll be part of the larger La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown LA’s historic El Pueblo district.
How Does The U.S. Fare In Food Sustainability?
In the report called Fixing Food 2018, researchers used what they call the Food Sustainability Index to measure how countries are doing when it comes to the three biggest challenges our global food system faces: food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change and nutritional challenges.
Combating Opioid Addiction In Native Communities A Challenge
Opioid addiction is a dramatic problem that is affecting the entire country, and efforts are underway to try to prevent the issue and treat those with the problem. The prevalence of the challenge is even more dramatic among Native Americans.
Ducey To Get New Appointment To AZ Supreme Court
On Tuesday, Arizona Supreme Court Justice John Pelander announced he will retire on March 1, 2019. That means Gov. Doug Ducey will pick a justice to take his place, his fourth appointment to the seven-person court. Two of those came after the legislature expanded the court from five justices to seven back in 2016.

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The tech company says the move is expected to make it Austin's largest private employer. The city already has more Apple employees than anywhere else outside the company's headquarters in California.
Even with the backing of state-based beer giant Coors, small farmers just couldn't compete with the Pacific Northwest. And with more people choosing wine and spirits, some craft brewers are closing.
Experts say there isn't solid evidence that federal aid drives up college prices, except in one sector: for-profit colleges.
Courts should be added to the list of "sensitive locations" that ICE officials are to avoid, judges say, arguing the justice system depends on safe and equal access to the court system.
"We'll never have any decent people run for office again," said one lifelong Bladen County resident. The district might have to rerun the primary and general elections for Congress.