Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can take a toll on both caregivers and the person living with the disease. As it advances, those living with the disease can develop behaviors like anxiety, restlessness and even aggression. Antipsychotics are often prescribed, but there are side-effects. Some providers and caregivers are looking at medical cannabis as an alternative.
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Landslide Database Helps ADOT Plan 1-17 Expansion
An online database created by the Arizona Geological Survey, or AGS, is helping experts monitor and plan for landslides across the state.
33 minutes ago
Solar Co-op Looking For East Valley Members
East Valley residents currently have the chance to join a new co-op for rooftop solar installation, organized by the not-for-profit Solar United Neighbors.
4 hours ago
Dry Monsoon Leaves Flagstaff Area At Heightened Risk For Fires
This monsoon has been one of the driest in Arizona history. Flagstaff has received just over an inch of rain. The lack of precipitation leaves the area at heightened risk for wildfires.
4 hours ago
McSally, Kelly Have Similar Stances On Gun Control Legislation
Arizona's 2020 U.S. Senate Candidates seem to agree on one thing: gun control legislation must be bipartisan.
AZ May Get New Legal Protections Against Facial Recognition
A new federal court ruling coupled with a provision in the state constitution could give Arizonans new legal protections against the use of software by private firms that captures and stores facial images.

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The End Is Nigh For FogCam, Billed As The Internet's Oldest Running Webcam
The webcam has been in operation at San Francisco State University since 1994. Now, its creators say they plan to sunset the Internet landmark by the end of the month.
Spicy With A Twist: Nearly 4 Tons Of Pot Found In Jalapeno Shipment
Hundreds of bulky green packages were discovered amid the spicy chilies. The drugs seized at a San Diego cargo facility were valued at $2.3 million.
U.S. Gives Huawei Another 90-Day Reprieve Amid Concerns Of Rural Service Disruptions
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the decision was made in part to minimize disruption in parts of America that rely heavily on Huawei's equipment to serve remote areas.
Why European Restaurants Are Much More Vigilant About Food Allergies
Dining out can be fraught with hidden perils for people with food allergies. European allergen disclosure laws have made restaurants highly aware of the issue. But U.S. rules lag.
Seized Iranian Ship Steams From Gibraltar After U.S. Loses Legal Fight
The vessel, which was intercepted by British Royal Marines on July 4, left Gibraltar after a court there ruled that it had no authority to enforce U.S. sanctions against Iran.