Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers on Tuesday said he would not advance his repeal of Arizona’s water forfeiture law. The bill has led the Gila River Indian Community to threaten to pull out of the state’s drought plan for the Colorado River.
5 hours ago
Opponents of the bill expressed concerns the exemption would decrease the number of people getting vaccinated and increase the spread of disease. “When religious beliefs harm other people directly than I think we have to think about whether we extend those exemptions,” said pediatrician Brigham Willis during the committee.
4 hours ago


This Website Archives Mid-Century Modern Housing
One of the most well-known architectural styles in Phoenix is mid-century modern. It's those 1950s and 60s-style houses with clean lines and breeze-block walls.
6 hours ago
As Re-Elections Approach, Mexicans Develop System to Monitor Legislators
Mexico will allow congress re-elections for the first time in nearly a century. With that in mind, two Mexican entrepreneurs developed a tool to monitor legislators; an instrument that they hope will empower democracy in Mexico and in other parts of the world.
7 hours ago
Arizona House Commerce Committee Approves Lottery Anonymity Bill
The next big winner of the Arizona Lottery could be "none of your business.''
8 hours ago
Lawmakers Considering Cracking Down On Onerous Timeshare Contracts
Arizona lawmakers are considering ways to legally protect timeshare buyers from abusive contracts.
9 hours ago
Data Breach Hits Restaurants, Hotels Across Arizona
A data breach may have compromised the personal information of customers who patronized any of 50 Arizona businesses last month.
9 hours ago

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The president is in a Twitter war with California Gov. Gavin Newsom over the rail project and the president's emergency declaration to build a border wall.
A runway model who objected to the impression made by the drawstring says she was initially told to "keep it to yourself."
Yang Fenglan, who has lived in Tanzania on and off for decades and operated a Chinese restaurant, was found guilty of working with two Tanzanian men to smuggle more than 800 pieces of ivory.
The German-born designer helped define the looks of Chanel and Fendi behind the scenes, even as he cut a titanic figure center-stage in the fashion industry. Chanel confirmed Lagerfeld's death Tuesday.
A safety director issued a public warning that buckets of ore may have exposed employees and tourists to unsafe radiation. But being near natural uranium ore is unlikely to cause an unsafe dose.