There’s an Arizona artist whose work has likely shown up in your home at some point. He’s the forensic sketch artist for the Phoenix Police Department and his work has helped catch kidnappers and killers.
8 hours ago


Shootout In Southern Mexico Leaves 15 Dead
Fifteen people were killed during a shootout Tuesday in southern Mexico. According to the Mexican government, the deadly shots were fired while the military repelled aggressions.
16 minutes ago
 Acknowledging Spike In Sonoran Violence, Security Secretary Hopes To Counter Trend
In the Empalme and Guaymas area, near the popular beach resort of San Carlos, Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo said police forces will be put under a single military command. That will help purge police officers with suspected links to organized crime.
37 minutes ago
Lawmakers Approve Audit Of School Vouchers
Lawmakers have ordered an audit of the state Department of Education’s handling of the roughly $1.3 million available to administer the Empowerment Scholarship program.
2 hours ago
AZ Lawmakers Get Early Start On Sanctuary Cities, Attack Ads, ESAs
We may be in the interim between legislative sessions, but your state legislators have been keeping busy. Now is the time for crafting the ideas that will eventually be introduced at the Capitol, which also means drawing battle lines.
3 hours ago
Immigrant Advocates Work Through Public Charge Uncertainty
Federal judges have temporarily blocked a Trump administration rule that would have made it more difficult for immigrants to obtain green cards if they use government benefits like food stamps and Medicaid.
4 hours ago

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NASA's First All-Female Spacewalk Set For Friday
Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will replace a faulty power regulator on the International Space Station. Only 15 women have participated in spacewalks, and all were accompanied by men.
Hospital Giant Sutter Health Agrees To Settlement In Big Antitrust Fight
Health care costs in Northern California, where Sutter Health dominates, are 20% to 30% higher than in Southern California, even after adjusting for cost of living. Settlement terms aren't yet public.
Gifted Students With Autism Find An Intellectual Oasis In Iowa
A center at the University of Iowa is making sure that its programs for gifted teens include those with autism spectrum disorders.
Family 'Ambushed' By Trump Suggestion To Meet With Woman Who Caused Fatal Crash
The president said his meeting with the parents of 19-year-old Harry Dunn "was beautiful in a certain way," before arguing that driving the wrong way in Europe "happens to a lot of people."
'One Of The Worst Forms Of Evil': More Than 330 Arrested In Child Porn Site Bust
The porn website has been shut down and 23 children were rescued. "You may try to hide behind technology, but we will find you and we will arrest and prosecute you," a federal official warns.