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KJZZ's Hermosillo Bureau

KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk has expanded into northern Mexico with the creation of a new Business Desk that focuses on the fast-growing market between Arizona and Mexico. The bureau opened with the partnership of the Universidad Tecnológica de Hermosillo, a college in the state capital that specializes in engineering, aeronautics and energy.

The Hermosillo bureau focuses on the rapid expansion of trade between Sonora and Arizona, the growing overseas shipping industry on Sonora's shores and the impacts that this is having on the U.S.-Mexico border and on Arizona.

The Hermosillo Bureau supplements the reporting of our Fronteras Desk team across the Southwest, especially in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

The mayor of a small Sonoran town was arrested last month for allegedly lying to obtain a U.S. passport. He’s from the left-leaning party Morena, which was swept to power nationwide in July on promises of countering corruption.
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The governor of neighboring Sonora, Mexico announced Monday that the first cruise ship will set sail from Rocky Point at the end of the year.
From street corner taquerías to well-known restaurants, some of Sonora’s best carne asada tacos are getting their moment in the limelight as part of a new Netflix show called “The Taco Chronicles.”
An activist ship that patrol’s Mexico’s Sea of Cortez to protect an endangered porpoise was attacked by alleged poachers Wednesday as tensions escalate just south of the border.
Every year billions of pounds of fresh produce cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Now, legislators in Florida are proposing a bill they say would protect U.S. produce growers from unfair Mexican trade practices. But opponents of the legislation say it would be bad for consumers.
Sonora had its heaviest year of confirmed Zika virus infections in 2018.
Mexico’s new president has promised to lower gas prices in cities bordering the United States as part of a plan to boost the economy in the border region. But so far prices are still higher south of the border.
Produce growers in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking authorities to declare a state of emergency as snowfall and extreme cold weather damage thousands of crops throughout the state.
Authorities are calling for caution in areas of neighboring Sonora, Mexico, where winter storms have left highways covered with snow.
Chinese authorities recently busted a leading fish smuggling syndicate in an effort to protect an endangered porpoise in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.
In the sunny northern Mexican state of Sonora, solar energy has been booming in recent years. That is expected to continue, even with the new administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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The stroke of midnight on New Year’s in Nogales brings an eruption of celebratory gunfire. This year, a new state law in Sonora could mean harsher punishments for those who participate in the dangerous tradition.
President Trump’s Friday tweet threatening a shutdown of the U.S.-Mexico border was an unwelcome message in Nogales, Arizona.
Cyclists from Sonora have made their mark on Arizona races like the Tour de Tucson. But cycling has had to overcome a number of challenges to grow there. The city of Hermosillo is hoping to add to its network of bike lanes to help riders feel more comfortable on two wheels.
More News From KJZZ's Hermosillo Bureau
A new analysis suggests that as states legalize marijuana, less of the drug is being smuggled across the border from Mexico.
An international group of scientists sent a letter to Mexico’s new president asking him to protect a small, endangered porpoise that lives in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.
Truck drivers in Nogales, Mexico, created a blockade on a toll road near the Arizona border this week to protest expensive fees on their big-rigs.
Every December hundreds of thousands of Mexican nationals living in the United States head south of the border for the winter to visit family. The Mexican state of Sonora is seeing an uptick of these visitors this year.
The newly renegotiated trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico deal requires that more vehicle components be made in North America. Sonora sees opportunity in that possible change.
How can you get hundreds — even thousands — of people to voluntarily spend an afternoon picking up trash on city streets? That’s the goal behind a new sport called plogging that’s picking up stream in Sonora's capital city Hermosillo, where residents earned a world record for the most people plogging at one time.
The governors for Arizona, New Mexico and the state of Sonora, Mexico, signed an agreement Wednesday promoting the transport of natural gas to Asia.